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Hipster Kitty, an example of an internet meme.

An internet meme is a picture, video or quote that spreads virally on the internet. Here are some examples of each:


  • Lolcats (pictures of cats with amusing, badly spelt captions)
  • Xzibit, accompanied by a quote/image of "X inside an X" (e.g. a poster inside a poster, a fruit inside a fruit, a TV on a TV screen)


  • Rickrolling (refers to tricking someone into clicking a link to the video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley)
  • Leeroy Jenkins (a youtube video of people playing World of Warcraft)


  • This is SPARTA!!! (from the film "300")
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us (from the video game "Zero Wing")
  • It's Over Nine Thousand! (from the TV show "Dragon Ball Z"
  • Fail/Epic Fail (often accompanied by images/videos of bad errors, e.g. a stunt going wrong, an unintentionally humorous sign, poor construction etc.)

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