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A picture of gangstas that, on it's own, proves points 1,3 and 8.

A gangsta (derived from gangster) is a type of person, which doesn't have a simply, true definition, but here are some defining factors of stereotypes:

  • Is African-American (or other ethnic minorities)
  • Is found is urban areas (towns and cities)
  • Enjoys Rap/Hip Hop music
  • Is fairly young
  • Has limited education
  • Is involved in the drugs trade
  • Carries a weapon (knife/gun)
  • Wears gold/diamond rings and baseball caps
  • Smokes cigarettes/cigars
  • Enjoys fancy cars and showing their cash
  • Uses slang him/herself


Superheroes as gangstas, proving points 3, 4, 8 and 10.

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