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Bart's Butt

Bart Simpson showing his ass.

Ass means the buttocks/posterior, although it can include the anus (as in 'asshole '). It is also used as an insult towards someone who is idiotic or a fool.

Here is a list of phrases that use the word 'ass', followed by their meanings:

  • Badass - Tough/cool
  • Dumbass - Idiot, fool
  • Kick ass - Fight, or just generally be great/awesome
  • Kiss ass - Someone who shows too much respect for someone of higher authority, perhaps for a reward, e.g. an employee might do this to their boss -metaphorically, of course.
  • My ass - When placed at the end of a statement/word, it means you don't believe it, it's a lie, e.g. "Simple, my ass!" means you don't see it as simple, it is clearly difficult.

Similar words and phrases:

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